Satellite Installations Westhoughton

f0e1ac331489be5f88b6d79e62d82d5e.jpg FREESAT OR SKY DISHES WESTHOUGHTON

     For Satellite installation Westhoughton get in touch if it’s a sky won’t do for health and safety or no line of site or any other tv aerial work have a look at our website and get in touch.

   Here is one of our unusual fittings where not only is it a bungalow where we dont want the dish being too low but there is also a tree in the line of sight.

   So the only real answer to get this customers freesat up and running is to fit a swan neck bracket to see pass the obstacles.

   If you have any issues with an existing Freesat, Sky or Sky installation that is not working correctly get in touch.

  We can supply new Installations for new customers for Freesat or Sky, upgrades from existing systems.

     For fault finding or storm damage to satellite dishes, faulty lnbs or split or cracked cables, water ingress or you are not sure what is going on with it all you have found all the help you will need here.

Questions and Answers about Satellite Television

Q Do Sky and Freesat use the same dish ?

A Yes the small dishes on most peoples property arent actually a Sky product its just what people associate with Sky they are manufactured to work specifically on that Satellite.

Q If i get a satellite dish and box can i view in other rooms ?

A Simple answer is not anymore with Freesat it is a matter of a cable to the dish and a box in each room , with sky q it is one main box and the others are wireless but a subscription is needed.

Q Is there any way i can avoid Satellite dish being on front of my property ?

A Sometimes the Line of Sight is on the front of property, although we can put special brackets up like the one on this page and move the dish somewhere else, sky quite often go for the easy option if you are not happy get in touch.

Q How many boxes from the one Satellite dish ?

A We currently use Quad and Octo Lnbs ( 4 or 8 ) outlets for Freesat which means a Freesat Tv uses 1 cable, and a recorder stb uses 2 outlets and twin cable.

Q Can i have my Dish mounted on the chimney like a TV Aerial ?

A If you dont want the satellite visible and you wish for this to be mounted up on the chimney we can carry this work out for you, sometimes customers have tree issues and the highest point on the property is usually the chimney so this can help.

Your Satellite Installation Westhoughton Engineers

TV Aerial complete Westhoughton

If you are after a single room TV Aerial installation in Westhoughton look no further than Aerial-Tek number 1 for quality fixed Digital Aerials fixed over the phone.

All new installations come with a 2 yr warranty.

MZR 12 Digital TV Aerial fully installed on chimney or wall bracket 75.00

UNIX 32 Element High Gain Digital TV Aerial 95.00 complete

All chimney mounts are fitted using lashing mounts, if no chimney then a heavy duty wall mount is used no facia boards.

For a first class installation get in touch.




Freesat installation Westhoughton

If you are looking for a Freesat installation in Westhoughton look no further than Aerial-Tek number 1 for quality fixed price installations.

Supply and fit dish with quad lnb and twin cable is 80.00 complete or 100.00 with second twin cable.

For repairs or faults with your current installation look no further and get in touch.



Quality tv aerials westhoughton

If you are after a quality aerial installation in westhoughton look no further than Aerial-tek the number one for quality digital TV aerial and satellite installations
Here is one of single point installs fully fitted for 75.00 complete for multiroom options feel free to get in touch



If you are after a Digital TV Aerial fitting in Westhoughton look no further than Aerial-Tek, covering Bolton and surrounding areas offering quality TV Aerial installations at affordable prices without hidden extras.

Aerial-Tek offer fixed price installations for single room aerials or 4 room multiroom options if you head over to my website for more info full price list and examples of my work.

We offer the customer quality installations and ensure that are work area is left as before.

For all Digital TV Aerials Freesat or Sky get in touch.

New TV Aerial installation westhoughton

Here is one of Aerial-teks single room Digital TV Aerial installations in Westhoughton, Bolton consisting of a heavy duty wall bracket 6 foot cranked mast mzr12 digital TV aerial and new cable fully fitted for £75.00 complete, we offer a fixed price high quality tv aerial installation for free view, Bt vision etc.


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Multiroom TV Aerials Westhoughton

Aerial-tek number one for Digital TV Aerials in Westhoughton and surrounding area.
For a single room TV Aerial consisting of an MZR12 Digital TV Aerial 6 foot mast chimney or wall bracket plus downlead £75.00 complete for more info
For multiroom tv aerial installation 2 rooms £100.00 3 rooms £130.00 and 4 rooms £160.00 complete follow this link for more information
For poor reception add a 32 element digital TV aerial for an extra £20.00
We believe in quality Tv Aerials at fair prices have a look at my website for more information

For all other types of distribution around the home including linking sky in all the rooms.

For Freesat Sky or network solutions in your home get in touch




Freesat is the UK’s subscription free satellite service. We bring over 200 TV & radio channels, including 11 HD channels, to our viewers via satellite to a dedicated set top box or TV with Freesat built in.

Once you’ve bought your box or TV and connected it to your satellite dish there are no subscriptions or fees to pay, just great telly.

Arranging a new dish installation

If you need to have a satellite dish installed you can arrange this through Aerial-tek, if you have an old dish up on your wall at the moment this may also work depending on the condition, always advisable to install a new dish if over 5 yrs old as the new ones are slightly bigger and help with past reception issues.

A standard dish installation with two feeds to your box, (which allows you to record one channel while watching another), is normally £80.00. Installing a dish with a single satellite feed (for basic Freesat boxes that don’t record) is usually £74.99.

If you are in Radcliffe and are after a quality Freesat Satellite dish installation then look no further.



Welcome to Aerial-Tek the home of quality Digital Television Aerial and Satellite for the Westhoughton area.

Westhoughton is approx 5 miles from transmitter site of Winter Hill and TV Aerial siganls are in most cases excellent with multiple aerial points from the one Digital Tv Aerial possible.

Winter Hill tuning Frequencies   CH 49,50,55,58,59  H.D. 31 and 54
If you are after a Tv Aerial for a single room installation or Tv Aerials for all the rooms in your home have a look at my website to see what we can offer, with 25 yrs in the Tv aerial business I can offer fixed price installations quoted over the phone or for any other type of Tv reception work such as feeding Sky round your home get in touch I will quite happily talk you through the options.For Freesat dish work as an alternative to Freeview we can supply your dishes for you and connect to all the rooms you require.For Sky problems, dish installations tv link systems feeding your rooms with tv aerial and sky signals, if you are after networking solutions around the home we can offer that for you as well.
Altogether Aerial-Tek offer the full tv aerial and satellite packages
Hope to here from you soon Andy