Tv Aerials Warrington

Tv Aerials Warrington.
Here is an install for a 3 room installation fitted in padgate warrington fitted by Andy and Ethan.
The house had just been renovated and 3 aerial sockets had been installed and cables left in the attic space.
Very straightforward install of the aerial fitted onto the chimney and cable fed into loft and a 3 way passive splitter fitted and cables connected, great signals on all points
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Tv Aerials Warrington

Tv Aerials Warrington

Tv Aerials Warrington.
Here we have a multiroom aerial fitted for 2 rooms in Warrington.
Fitted by Andy and Ethan this 2 room straightforward installation was fitted to the chimney with a lashing kit and 6 foot alloy mast along with a 2 way masthead splitter and the cables fed to the lounge and a dining room Tvs tuned in as part of the install.
Another satisfied Aerial-Tek customer.
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Tv Aerials Warrington

Tv aerials Warrington

Tv aerials Warrington.
Here is an installation carried out today in Culcheth, Warrington by engineer Ethan.
This was a single room point for a house that had the chimney dropped due to leaks.
Good solid installation using a heavy duty wall bracket 6 foot crank mast a new mzr 12 aerial and cable fed down to the lounge all offered at a fixed price over the phone.
With fully stocked vans and 5 engineers covering the north west on a daily basis feel free to get in touch.


Tv aerials Warrington

Tv aerials warrington

Tv aerial and satellite installation in Warrington
Here is an installation carried out in in Warrington by our engineer Ethan

This job was from a customer had issues with sky reception and trees dish had been moved last year but not far enough as the trees were causing issues again, Ethan fitted dish on the chimney with a lashing kit excellent line of site and will be trouble free for years.

For the Number 1 Aerial company in Warrington ex forces with 25 yrs in the trade feel free to get in touch for the following.

Digital Tv Aerials
Satellite and Freesat dish installations.
Tv wall mounting service.
Alarms and CCTV
Wi-Fi and network installation.
Starlink fitting
Helium antenna installations.

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Tv aerials warrington

Tv aerials & Satellite, Starlink & Helium Antenna, Alarms & CCTV installations in Warrington

If you require a Digital Tv Aerial installation for a single room, repair on an old aerial, or advice or upgrade to an existing Aerial head over to.

If you are in need of a Multiroom Digital Tv Aerial installation for 2, 3, 4 or more we can do multiroom installations from the one aerial. Prices are fixed and in most cases quoted over the phone.
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If it’s a Freesat or Sky installation or dish relocation, have sky refused an install due to Health and safety then feel free to give us a try.

If you have purchased a Starlink Broadband system and wish for a professional installation we can offer this service with over 50 installations completed through northern England.

If you are into Helium mining and require an installation up on the roof or gable end we can fit for you having our own miners and over 30 fitted we have the knowledge and experience to advise of what to use and where to locate.

If you are in need of some security on your property Aerial-Tek can help with this we currently offer an installations using Hikvision cameras and alarms by Europes number 1 alarms by AJAX.

For more info head over to http://www.aerial-tek/security

Tv aerials warrington

Tv aerials Warrington

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If you are looking for TV Aerials Warrington you have come to the right place.

My name is Andy the current owner of Aerial-tek with 25 yrs in TV Aerial business.

With the amount of work coming in I have now 5 other engineers Bob, Ethan, Dave, Phil and Tony, all with many years experience in the satellite and TV aerial trade.

I have a couple of websites which generate our work through the Internet,,,

One of our unique offerings is that with vast knowledge of working the North West of England we know the reception issues of each area, we offer a fixed price tv aerial installation quoted over the phone, after all its nice to how much things are going to cost beforehand.

As you can see above is a price list of one of the national companies, the company is actually called aerial and satellite express and have just been televised by Esther rantzen for ripping people off especially the old, there are other companies such as aerial force etc all adopting this rip off free quote idea.

We also show you which engineers are going to turn up beforehand.

We offer fixed price Digital TV aerials for single rooms, and Multiroom options for many points using masthead splitters.

All our new TV Aerial installations are carried out using lashing kits on chimneys so no damage to an old chimney, on tv aerial Installs where there is no chimney we use wall brackets.

If its Freesat or Sky installation, new dish lnb or the good old sky health and safety issue get in touch there is usually ways round it all give us a call and we will give you some advice.

If you have interference problems a lot of the time it can be caused by mobile phone masts that transmit on 4g bands which overlap sometimes into the tv aerial bands. 5g is another problem that will start in 2019.

So for all your Digital TV Aerial installations in Warrington get touch ask for Andy or Bob.