Single room TV Aerial in Chorley

Here is one of Aerial-tek single room Digital TV Aerial installation in Chorley, Lancashire consisting of a MZR12 Digital TV Aerial 6 foot mast as standard chimney lashing bracket and new downlead fully fitted for £75.00.

Aerial-Tek only offer quality TV Aerial installations fully installed and guaranteed for 2 yrs we will not be beaten on like for like installations.

For all Freeview problems in the Chorley area feel free to get in touch.



Tv aerial New build radcliffe

Here’s a loft mounted tv aerial fitted in radcliffe serving the 3 rooms installed by the contractors
The advantage of having it loft mounted is not having a tv aerial on the outside of the building. It is not always possible to do a loft mounted aerial just depends on line of sight of aerial and what the property construction materials have been used. tv-aerials-radcliffe


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