Starlink Installation Preston

Starlink Installation Preston.
Here we have a new installation of Starlink in Preston, Lancashire carried out by Andy and Ethan.
The client in this case was renovating the house and hadn’t moved in but realised the best offering from the usual providers was a sad 15mbs from BT, nothing from cable and the mobile signal option was also a no go.
This was a first for us with the installation of the Starlink Premium service guaranteed speeds of at least 350mbs according to Starlink. Good solid build compared with the other systems dish approximately twice the size of v2 dish.
Soon up and running and fitted securely to the chimney due to trees after 15 mins on the air the speed was hitting 370 so a very happy customer he needed this speed due to him being IT specialist working from home.
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Starlink Installation Preston

Starlink Installation Holmes Chapel

Starlink Installation Holmes Chapel.
Here we have a Starlink Installation carried out today by Phil and Aaron in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire.
The customer lived in a remote location even though it looks like a modern property, 2 houses a long way from the village, current setup of 5mbs from BT isn’t quite enough. Client has one teenager playing games plus the streaming and buffering issues and also works from home so the strain was showing.
Ordered Starlink and waited 2 weeks for delivery then got in touch for an installation. Phil and Aaron discussed location with the customer and decided on gable end, fitted using a Sky wall mount with Shelley clamp to ensure security.
The dish was up and running within an hour and speeds of 180mbs.
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Starlink Installation Holmes Chapel

Starlink Installation Haslingden

Starlink Installation Haslingden.
Here we have a Starlink fitted up in the remote hills of Lancashire, on the outskirts of Haslingden by Andy and Ethan
This customer had not long moved in to the property from Yorkshire and didn’t realise how remote this location was with regards to telephone and mobile. His set up was no telephone line as to far for BT and a max of 3 mbs from a gsm sim provided by EE, he had been dealing with this for a month until his Starlink arrived.
He contacted us to offer him a permanent installation and make it secure due to its very exposed location, also he needed advice regarding his networking due to the thick walls where WI-FI won’t penetrate.
The installation was pretty straightforward for the dish and router just another thick wall to get through, this is getting to be very common for Starlink locations in the UK. Not a problem with a good drill soon through the wall and plugged and.
The dish was up and running within 30 mins and speeds of 240mbs not bad, we then tried the Wi-Fi coverage using the starlink new app which allows you to walk around the property showing how the coverage was doing, this did show how bad it really is and the router wouldn’t see through one wall.
We are going back to fit RJ45 sockets in 3 rooms and fit a whole house mesh system with near full speeds all round.
Happy customer and will be even happier in a week when full speeds everywhere.
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Starlink Haslingden

Starlink Installation Shaw

Starlink Installation Shaw.
Here we have a Starlink done in Shaw in the ourskirts of Oldham by Andy and Ethan.
This was on a remote farmhouse with no connection to BT or any other Network due to how remote this was. The client for this one was reliant on a 2mbs connection from 02 using a gsm router maybe could have been improved with an external aerial, but no where need the speeds of Starlink.
The client had waited a couple of weeks for the starlink to arrive after ordering and contacted us to do the installation, he didn’t open the box to try out as suggested even though I had assured him that it was straightforward.
The installation was quite straightforward except for the incredible tough 3 foot thick stone walls no problem with a good mains impact drill, the designers at Starlink didn’t take into account that most remote locations in the UK are old farm houses not wooden houses with flat roofs. The router was fed into a bedroom and will be hidden in a small cupboard when finished along with a socket for the starlink cable and a couple RJ45 connections.
We are going back in a week to install a mesh network using the TP- Link S7 and backhauling the system due to the the thick walls.

Another satisfied customer
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Starlink Shaw

Starlink Installation Garstang

Starlink Installation Garstang.
Here we have a another installation of a Starlink in Garstang, Preston carried out by Andy and Ethan.
Nice Spring feel to the day today and put a smile on this customers face after dealing with terrible internet from Bt, currently offering a fantastic 5mbs speed which is awful and going back to the speeds of the early 2000s. This is the price you pay for living in a rural area in the UK.
The customer had ordered Starlink before Christmas and it arrived a couple of weeks ago and had been producing upwards of 200mbs sat on the patio table.
They contacted us to make a permanent installation for the dish and due to the trees the best location was up on the chimney, we used a heavy duty cradle and sturdy pole and kept a good 4 foot clearance from the log burners flu even though it was hardly used.

The starlink was back up and running within 45 mins and speeds were back up to the 200 mbs, now the client can stream Tv and have work zoom calls without the black screen.
Another satisfied customer.
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Starlink Installation Garstang

Starlink Installation Winsford

Starlink Installation Winsford.
Here we have a Starlink fitted by Andy and Ethan in Winsford, Cheshire.

This customer had been used to having pretty poor internet for for a few years with at the best 15mbs from BT which is ok for basic use of the internet but with the family getting a bit older and 2 teenagers starting to stream Tv and play games consoles things were a bit stretched. The client also now was starting to spend more time at home working and streaming Zoom calls etc. The customer decided to take the plunge ordered Starlink and waited 4 weeks for it to arrive and had it working on a table in the garden and contacted us for a more solution.
We assessed the best location and this was the best spot due to quite a lot of trees, we removed the old sky dish that was on a flimsy pole refitted to a more secure and thicker diameter pole and install the starlink dish to the top of it.
The cable was routed into the living room and fed into an existing mesh system so all was good around the property speeds of 210 mbs compared with a 15 from BT not bad comparison.

Another Happy customer for more info or to book feel free to get in touch.

Starlink installation Winsford

Weather XM mining

Weather XM crypto mining.

Here is the latest Crypto paid mining system set up by Weather XM.

This is a wireless weather station that transmits data either over the helium network or through a WI-FI connection the data transferred to the company is used by all sorts if different companies that rely on weather data.

The station is wireless and solar powered up needs to be high up above the rooftops or obstructions, the stations that are remote or supply good solid data will be awarded most. The payment system will be in Crypto currency using a new token that will be launched in the next few weeks. At the moment it’s in a beta testing stage but you will be awarded a token that will eventually have a value.
Get in at the beginning and hopefully will be successful like helium.
Nice passive income for the future.

For more info or to book an installation feel free to get in touch.

Weather XM miner

Tv Aerials Macclesfield

Tv Aerials Macclesfield.
Here we have one of Multiroom Digital Tv Aerials fitted for 4 rooms in Macclesfield by Andy and Ethan.
This was in a slightly weaker signal part of Macclesfield so a High Gain Tv Aerial was used along with a 4 way masthead amplifier all fitted to existing TVs which were all tuned in at the finish.

Happy Aerial-Tek customer as usual for more info feel free to get in touch.

Tv Aerials Macclesfield

Starlink Installation Marple

Starlink Installation Marple.
Here we have one of our installations for Starlink in Marple on the outskirts of Stockport, carried out by engineers Andy and Ethan.
The client in this case lived in a very remote part of Marple and thus the normal problems that go with it for internet connections. They have internet supplied by Sky and we’re getting approx 15 mbs and the best of times which some people can live with. The client lived in quite a large stone built thick wall old farm house which is common for a lot of our Starlink installations.
The dish was installed on a wall with an unobstructed view of the Sky as needed and was fitted on the starlink supplied wall bracket, not a fan of them due to the water that can sit in the arm but the customer wanted us to use it. Within 15 mins 220mbs was achieved so a very happy client.
The next issue was to get the good speed from starlink around the property, the house had some cat 5 cables already installed and fed back to the location of the starlink and into a switch so we have recommended some Tp link mesh equipment to the client who is going to order then we will go back and create a blanket coverage of internet all backhauled so no issues with the thick walls.

Again another happy Starlink / Aerial-Tek customer.

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Starlink Installation Marple

Tv Aerials Radcliffe

Tv Aerials Radcliffe.
Here we have a 5 room aerial installation carried out by Andy and Ethan.
The customer had done some renovations but not thought about adding aerial points. So everything had to be run external, we fitted 2 aerials one serving the 4 rooms and one being used for the longest run to the other side of the house.

Happy Husband and wife and happy customer of Aerial-Tek.

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Tv Aerials Radcliffe