Starlink Installation Macclesfield

Starlink Installation Macclesfield.
Here we have a customer that lived in a very remote location in Macclesfield Forest who try’s to run a business from home with no phone and the only internet was through a sim router with 5 mbs at best.

Customer had ordered Starlink and had it running in the garden for a few weeks to see if it was good enough and was getting approx 120 mbs which will only get better over time.

He contacted us to do a more permanent installation up on the chimney out of the way this was carried out by Andy and Ethan using a heavy duty cradle and strong alloy mast nice and tidy installation, the cable was routed to the clients office.

They now want a full Mesh backhauled system installing due to the thick walls also a wireless bridge putting in to facilitate a couple of cottage properties they have, another job for another day.

For more info or to discuss your starlink needs feel free to get in touch.

Starlink Installation Macclesfield

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