Starlink wilmslow

Starlink Installation Wilmslow.

Here is a Starlink fitted by Andy and Ethan in Wilmslow.

Customer had current BT setup but not impressed with the stability they were offering due to them being a distance from an exchange so decided to go independent with a Starlink setup.

Dish was fitted up on the chimney using a cradle and lashing so no damage to chimney or render pretty straightforward route of cable to the lounge and speeds of 140mbs

Another one under the belt for Aerial-Tek.

For more info or to book an installation of Starlink feel free to get in touch.

Starlink Wilmslow

Starlink Huddersfield

Starlink installations Huddersfield
Here we have an installation carried today by Andy & Ethan over in a remote location of Huddersfield.
Current set up was using a 3 g / 4g router which offered about 5mbs on a good day the neighbour already had upgraded to Starlink a while back with good speeds.
Customers dish was sited up on the chimney to keep away from trees and once set up the Starlink was giving out 150mbs so another Starlink happy customer.
For more info feel free to get in touch.

07534524684 Andy

Starlink Huddersfield

Tv aerials Warrington

Tv aerials Warrington.
Here is an installation carried out today in Culcheth, Warrington by engineer Ethan.
This was a single room point for a house that had the chimney dropped due to leaks.
Good solid installation using a heavy duty wall bracket 6 foot crank mast a new mzr 12 aerial and cable fed down to the lounge all offered at a fixed price over the phone.
With fully stocked vans and 5 engineers covering the north west on a daily basis feel free to get in touch.


Tv aerials Warrington

Tv aerials Droylsden

Tv aerials Droylsden

This was a simple installation of a Tv for a customer in Droylsden, Manchester the 42 inch was fitted in customers dining room and customer opted for a bit of trunking to hide cables as only recently been decorated.

If you are need of a Tv aerial etc in the Droylsden area feel free to get in touch.

07534524684 Andy or Ethan

Tv Aerials Droylsden

Tv aerials Failsworth

Tv aerials Failsworth.

Here is one of our installations today in Failsworth, Manchester for a multiroom install for 3 rooms by engineer Ethan.
The Aerial was fitted up in the chimney using a lashing kit and 5 foot mast using a high gain mzr 20 Digital Tv Aerial and a 4 way masthead splitter and 3 cables routed to the customers tvs.

All our Digital Tv Aerials are fitted to the highest standard with fixed prices quoted on our website for more info give us a call or head over to our website.

07534524684 Andy or Ethan

Tv aerials Failsworth

Tv aerials Stockport

Tv Aerials Stockport.

Here we have an installation carried out today in Stockport by Ethan.
This installation was carried out for a builder who had built a couple of rooms on a customers property they wanted a separate installation adding for the 2 extra points.
Ethan carried out this High End installation using heavy duty wall brackets 6 foot mast and mzr 20 high gain aerial cable was hid in the gutter and fed into the loft space where an internal splitter was used.
For a first class Tv Aerial installation in Stockport feel free to get in touch.
Tel 07534524684

Tv Aerials Stockport

Starlink installation

Starlink Installation Chester.
Here we have a Starlink fitted by Ethan over in Chester to house with very little in the way of other options from the main providers.
The customer had been quoted £360.00 by another company that subs the work out to other engineers and decided that he was paying twice for an installation. We are a small group of six engineers that cover the North West, Cumbria, Cheshire and Yorkshire and we all offer a fixed price installation cost.
The customer had no chimney so we fitted the Starlink onto a 24 inch bracket and alloy mast with cable fed down to the living room with 100 meg straight away.
Customer over the moon with installation and gave the engineer a £50.00 tip.
For all your Starlink installations feel free to get in touch.

Starlink chester