Tv aerials preston

Tv aerials Preston

Here is a Straightforward aerial fitted on a bungalow with no chimney fitted in Preston on a same day service, aerial was for a single room installation for the lounge.

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Aerial-tek offering a complete serivice for the following type of Installations.

Single room Digital Tv Aerials.

Multiroom Digital Tv Aerials.

Starlink Internet dish Installation service.

Freesat and Sky installations.

New build Digital Tv Aerial services.

Helium Antenna Installation

Here at Aerial-Tek we offer a lot more than your old school Tv Aerial only firms, with other options for streaming Tv etc we can offer you Wi-Fi solutions in your home or buisiness, we can install cat 5 cables around your home to ensure the maximum connection speeds.

We also offer CCTV and Alarm installation from HIKVISION just feel free to reach out for a quote or more information.

Tel 0800 6528083
Mobile 07534524684

email –

Tv aerials preston

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