Saving money tv services

This year is going to be hard for a most people so with the cost of everything sky rocketing so a good review of who you are handing your money over for TV services is needed.
Sky, Virgin, Talk Talk and You View etc all play a game with customers of offering  good fixed price deals for 12 -18 months then at the end of the term it shoots up and a lot of the time it’s the vulnerable (older generation)that don’t realise this is happened as all paid by direct debit and never check.
Also what do you actually watch and do you really need all the movies all the sports etc be patient they all end up on tv for free.
  Internet is the other one why pay £60 a month for bt 500 when you watch netflix if you can get 15 meg plus it will stream anything including 4k just a load of hype, if you are in a good urban area look at network 3 unlimited 5g £22 a month and loads of other deals out there.
  If you are going to cut back then look at Freeview and Freesat for your tv both with about 120 channels, free view built into your tv and now freesat in most as well, or a £50 freesat box from argos will do the job.
Here at Aerial-Tek we can offer advice as to what is the best money saving options on your television viewing habits fell free to ring to discuss.

We offer fixed price installation of television aerials for free view.

We can install dishes for Freesat and install your freesat set top box.

We can also offer you services for Internet wifi issues and run network hard wired systems for a more professional network.

For all enquiries feel free to get in touch.

Ask for Andy
Tel 07534524684

Saving money

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