Multiroom tv aerial installations

If you are after more than one Tv aerial point installing from the one Digital TV Aerial this is easily done.
If you are in a reasonable signal area such as preston Manchester, Warrington,Wigan,bury or bolton a quality Tv aerial such is a SAC MZR12 Tv Aerial is perfect this is our standard Tv Aerial we use fully fitted for £75.00 complete, so if you want to add more rooms we use a Labgear 4 way Masthead splitter this will loose 8db of signal through each leg but if you have 70 db at the Tv Aerial which is usual for this type of aerial setup take into account a loss on each cable of 5 db then you are still looking at 57db at the Television end.If you are in a slight worse location for signal eg Cheshire south etc compensating for loss by adding a more powerful aerial such as a Unix 32 element aerial will help.
If you are in a bad area and signals are low we can use a masthead amplified unit providing a gain of 25 db per leg with up to 6 tvs from the one unit however if these are used in good signal areas then you can overload with signal at the end we aim to give you between 50db and 70db no higher and no lower.
Have a look at our multiroom page to see our offers

Andy from Aerial-Tek

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